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Porcelain veneers are a common cosmetic dentistry procedure at Virtue Dental. With the help of veneers, you may hide damaged, crooked, or discolored teeth for a gorgeous, unaltered smile.


Are porcelain veneers what you’re looking for in Big Bend?


Veneers are described in detail by Virtue Dental so you can determine if they are right for you.


How Do Veneers Function and What Are They?


Veneers are incredibly thin ceramic composite shells composed of porcelain or another premium ceramic material. They cover problems including dental gaps, stains, crooked teeth, and more because they are manufactured specifically to fit over your actual teeth. They securely bond to your teeth using adhesive cement, giving you a beautiful, long-lasting smile.


Benefits of Veneers


Virtue Dental’s veneers have several benefits.

Here are a few examples:


  • Natural-appearing, interchangeable teeth – This is the best feature of veneers. You may smile gorgeously and naturally because to their custom design, which makes them fit in smoothly with your natural teeth.


  • Strengthen the current teeth – Porcelain veneers stick to brittle teeth and provide extra structure and support, avoiding chipping and cracking.


  • No special care is necessary; just brush and floss as usual, and schedule an oral hygiene treatment with Virtue Dental every six months. It’s done!


  • Resistance to stains and yellowing – Veneers of superior quality are stain-resistant. Nonetheless, it is crucial to maintain good dental hygiene because the natural teeth next to your veneers are still vulnerable to staining.


The Procedure for Placing Veneers


The process of placing veneers is simple. To determine if you qualify for veneers, Dr. Allie Jones will first thoroughly examine your mouth. If not, a dental bonding operation or a crown can be a preferable choice.


If Dr. Jones determines that veneers are the best option for you, she will begin by lightly buffing each tooth that needs work. This ensures that the veneers are well-adhered to the teeth and perfectly complement the natural tooth structure.


Following that, Dr. Jones will use cutting-edge casting and imaging techniques to create molds of your teeth. Your veneers will be made at an offsite facility using them. Usually, this process takes two to three weeks. You will be fitted with temporary veneers while you wait for your custom veneers to be finished.


Once Dr. Jones has your veneers, you will come back for your second appointment. The will confirm the accuracy of the size, color, and fit of your veneers. After a thorough cleaning of your teeth, a dental glue will be used to secure the veneers in place. That’s it. Only two consultations are typically necessary for treatment, which is minimally invasive.

It really is that easy to get the perfect smile.


Maintenance of Veneers


You are not obliged to take any special precautions to safeguard your veneers once they have bonded to your teeth. Your veneers will firmly attach to your teeth right away, and the treatment is completely painless. Following your consultation with or Dr. Jones, you can get back to your regular schedule and nutrition.


Maintaining the health of your veneers involves brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing once every day. It is also advised that you visit Virtue Dental every six months for cleanings and exams so that  Dr. Jones can examine your veneers and general oral health.


A good advice is to refrain from consuming crunchy foods like popcorn or almonds while wearing veneers.To avoid damaging your veneers, chew these foods with your molars to avoid wearing them down.


It’s also not a good idea to chew anything that isn’t food. They include things like pens, pencils, and nails. Using your teeth to assist rip tape or open packages will also be improper. These two actions have the potential to damage your brand-new smile.


Are Veneers a Permanent Fix?


Yes. This is due to the fact that veneers require your teeth to have a thin layer of enamel removed. This enamel must be removed to make sure the veneers don’t affect your bite. Fresh enamel that has been exposed helps the veneer shells adhere to the surface of your teeth.


This, however, is an irreversible process.In addition, removing your veneers would leave your natural teeth weak and more vulnerable to disease and injury.


Veneers are viewed as a long-term solution as a result. If one of your veneers fractures, deteriorates, or fails, you’ll need to get it replaced. You run the danger of developing oral health issues if you don’t.


Dental bonding can be a better option if the idea of a permanent, irreversible operation doesn’t appeal to you. Bonding can be used to fix many of the same aesthetic problems as veneers without permanently removing any enamel.


You should without a doubt speak with or Dr. Jones about this while evaluating whether cosmetic dentistry treatment is appropriate for you. Please get in touch with us straight away to schedule a consultation.


Do I need to put veneers on every one of my teeth?


Although they can be used on both the upper and lower teeth, veneers are most frequently only utilized on the front (anterior) teeth. They are not the best option, nevertheless, for molar and premolar repairs that are in the back of the mouth.


Your situation will determine how many veneers you actually need. You might require one veneer, for instance, if you enjoy the way your smile looks but one of your front teeth has a chip.


Four or more veneers may be necessary if your bottom teeth are crooked or there are large gaps between your front teeth. After your Virtue Dental cosmetic consultation, Dr. Jones will make a tailored recommendation.


Are you unsure if veneers are the best option for you? Then, learn Virtue Dental’s real technique! Dr. Allie Jones of Virtue Dental is an experienced cosmetic dentist with years of experience installing veneers. During a brief consultation, he can determine if you’re a good candidate for veneers.


The day to get the smile of your dreams is today! To make an appointment, call (262) 662-1111 or stop by our Big Bend location at W236 S7050 Big Bend Drive, Suite 7, Big Bend, WI 53103