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The process of teeth whitening enhances your smile and gets rid of surface stains. The treatment of yellowed teeth, teeth stained by tobacco usage, or teeth discolored through excessive use of dark beverages like coffee, tea, or wine is teeth whitening. It is efficient, affordable, and safe.

A smile makeover from Dr. Allie Jones of Virtue Dental may be exactly what you need if your teeth are stained. Please learn more right away about our teeth whitening treatments in Big Bend.

What is the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

It might be challenging to understand how different teeth whitening products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, strips, gels, and trays, function. These things are all built on the same underlying ideas, though.

Almost all teeth whitening products have a peroxide as the active component, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Peroxides are composed of oxygen molecules, which when in touch with tooth discolouration, react.

When peroxides interact with discolored molecules, they break the chemical “bonds” that hold them together. By eliminating the surface stains from the tooth enamel, they are able to successfully “bleach” the teeth!

What Issues Can Teeth Whitening Address?

Teeth whitening can be used to address the majority of tooth discolorations, including:

  • Yellowing brought on by aging
  • Teeth that smoke tobacco become discolored.
  • Berries, wine, coffee, tea, and other foods and beverages high in tannin stain teeth.
  • Discoloration and stains brought on by bad oral hygiene

Only tooth whitening can remove external (extrinsic) stains. Intrinsic stained teeth (teeth with internal stains) cannot be whitened. Contact Dr. Allie Jones for more details on the different cosmetic dentistry treatments available for hidden tooth stains.

Between in-office and at-home teeth whitening

Both in-office and in-home teeth whitening procedures are available from Virtue Dental. While both procedures are equally effective, in-office whitening has quicker results. In-office whitening is done after a thorough teeth cleaning. A dental hygienist will remove plaque and bacteria to make sure your teeth are prepared for the procedure.

Subsequently, a shielding solution will be applied to your gums to protect them from the bleaching agents’ irritation. The teeth-whitening agent will then be applied by Dr. Jones, who will use a special lamp to “activate” the components. All done! Depending on the intensity of your staining, you might need just one whitening appointment.

At-home whitening is a fantastic alternative if you would want to whiten your teeth in your own time and in a peaceful setting. Custom-fit plastic trays will be created by Dr. Jones, who will also fill them with top-notch bleaching solutions. When you’re prepared, just adhere to Dr. Jone’s treatment recommendations to whiten your teeth. In a few weeks, surface stains will disappear, revealing a whiter, brighter smile!

For low-cost dental care, visit Virtue Dental in Big Bend!

The best place for cosmetic dentistry in Big Bend is Virtue Dental. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Allie Jones, is an expert in teeth whitening and other cosmetic operations, and the positive reviews from our clients speak for themselves!

If you’re considering a basic teeth whitening procedure or a more comprehensive smile makeover, contact Virtue Dental right away.

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