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Dental anxiety is a tendency that many Americans share. It’s also one of the main reasons why so many individuals neglect to have their teeth cleaned, have an oral exam, and have other important examinations done on a regular basis (every six months). According to the ADA, up to 15% of all dental patients have put off visiting the dentist due to dental fear.

You have the option to select sedation dentistry at Virtue Dental to lessen your worries.


Sedation dentistry – what is it?


Modern pharmaceutical techniques are used in sedation dentistry to lower your level of consciousness, minimize pain, and guarantee your comfort during regular dental procedures.


Oral sedation dentistry is used at Virtue Dental. All you will receive is a tablet to take prior to your session. Even if you’re tense or apprehensive, the drug will help you feel less anxious so that we can treat you.


Techniques including IV sedation, heavy sedation, and even general anesthesia may be employed for severe instances. These dental anxiety treatments aren’t usually necessary for most patients, though.


Why Sedation Dentistry Is Beneficial


Sedation dentistry at Virtue Dental has several advantages. Some of the most notable are listed below:


  • Increased Comfort: Oral sedation might help you feel more at ease throughout your dental operation and can lessen the anxieties you might have about seeing the dentist.


  • Relief from Anxiety: Many people experience less anxiety at the dentist if they are aware that they will be given sedation, which also makes it simpler for them to book their next appointment.


  • You Can Get the Dental Care You Deserve: Your oral health may suffer if fear keeps you away from the dentist. Neglecting routine oral care can result in tooth decay, gingivitis, and other significant issues. You may overcome your fear and receive the care you require with the help of sedation dentistry.


  • Therapy is delivered more quickly when a patient is less anxious about their dental health. Smile makeovers and complicated procedures may require multiple appointments because anxious people don’t typically sit in the dentist’s chair for an extended period of time. This issue is resolved by sedation dentistry, which enables you to complete dental treatments more quickly and receive treatment for your dental problems more quickly.


For whom is sedation dentistry appropriate?


Most people are eligible for sedation dentistry. But most people don’t require sedation when they visit the dentist. Consider getting sedation dentistry if:


  • Because you are afraid of the dentist, you have missed previous appointments.
  • You have severe dental anxiety.
  • You can tolerate very little pain.
  • You fear enclosed spaces.
  • Your gag reflex is really powerful.
  • Your teeth are really sensitive.


Big Bend Sedation Dentistry: Interested? Visit Virtue Dental today!


Dental anxiety is a specialty area for Dr. Allie Jones at Virtue Dental. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff will make sure that you’re safe, comfortable, and stress-free throughout your consultation. We use efficient oral sedation dentistry treatments to assist lower your stress levels.


Don’t let dental fear prevent you from receiving the necessary dental care. To make an appointment, call the staff at Virtue Dental at (262)662-1111, or stop by our office at W236 S7050 Big Bend Drive, Suite 7, Big Bend, WI 53103


We’re eager to meet with you, talk about sedation dentistry, and develop a treatment plan specifically designed to help you deal with your dental anxiety.