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Roadt Family Dental is Now Virtue Dental!

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You can always get the dental care you need in Big Bend by contacting  Dr. Allie Jones at Virtue Dental. We offer a wide range of same-day emergency dentistry services to our patients. For assistance, contact (262) 662-1111 right away or read more below.


Same-Day Consultation


You may be open and truthful about your teeth at Virtue Dental! All of our patients in Big Bend receive same-day care. We understand that dental emergencies don’t always happen in a predictable pattern, so we’ll always be available to help you and your family get the care you need.


If you require immediate assistance, call (262) 662-1111 and explain your circumstance. We will arrange a same-day appointment for you as soon as we can. Then just make an appointment and get the care you need to get your oral health back.


Most frequent dental emergencies


Do you want to know what the most frequent dental emergencies are? Here is a list of numerous common emergencies that demand rapid care.


  • Loose and knocked-out teeth — In order to save a tooth that has become very loose due to a dental accident or that has been knocked out of your mouth, immediate treatment is required. Spend no time trying to cure your sickness on your own. Your smile can be restored as soon as possible by Dr. Allie Jones.


  • Broken or cracked teeth should be repaired as quickly as possible with a dental crown, and in some cases, root canal therapy may be necessary. Please get in touch with us right away for help if an oral injury has damaged a tooth in your mouth.


  • Toothaches – A painful toothache typically indicates an infected tooth or a sizable cavity that is at risk of infection. If you believe you might require root canal therapy to restore your smile, visit our office right away.


  • Gum bleeding – If your gums bleed a lot when brushing or flossing, or if they bleed for no apparent reason, you may have gum disease. Come in right away for assistance as this is a dental emergency.


  • Pulling out of dental work – If a filling or a crown has come out, this is a serious dental emergency. It would be best to come to our clinic right away to have it replaced so that your tooth does not suffer more damage.

Your emergency isn’t listed here, is it?


You are probably correct if you believe your situation is an emergency. It is preferable to be safe rather than sorry. Call VirtueDental as soon as possible. Contact us at (262) 662-1111 for Big Bend same-day service. Don’t delay it any longer — Get Emergency Dentistry in Big Bend today!


Receiving help as soon as possible for a dental emergency lowers the likelihood of problems, relieves pain and discomfort, and helps you save time and money. So don’t put it off any longer. Call Virtue Dental at (262) 662-1111 if you think you need assistance right away.