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There are currently several tooth replacement options available if you are missing one or more teeth. Although conventional dentures are still the most popular option, there are now more comfortable and long-lasting procedures available. Whether you want better-fitting braces or a long-term tooth replacement option, you might be a candidate for implant-supported or implant-retained dentures.


Dental implants have changed modern dentures, giving customers a more permanent, customized option for tooth replacement. Family dentist Dr. Allie Jones of Virtue Dental Dental offer consumers in Big Bend and the neighborhood cutting-edge implant-based dentures. Consider your options below as there may be various health issues caused by missing teeth.


Implanting Supported Dentures


Dentures that are supported by implants must be supported by dental implants in order to stay in place over the jaw. The implants keep the denture firmly in place, eliminating any movement or pain. The implants’ connections to the jaw and gums allow them to mostly absorb the force of chewing, maintaining the strength and health of the jawbone.


A strong jawbone is necessary for these dentures because they depend on implants; otherwise, the implants will not be sustained. If the implants cannot be supported by the jaw, more surgery may be necessary.


The Benefits


The most realistic-looking prosthetic that doesn’t obstruct oral functions are implant-supported dentures. Since they make your grin appear natural and typical, their popularity has grown. They also have a number of health advantages, such as:


  • Enhances chewing and biting strength – Patients with missing teeth frequently experience a weakened bite.
  • Implant-supported dentures have the same ability to chew and perform as real teeth do.
  • Bones are shielded from degradation because when a tooth is lost, the jaw often reclines and the tissue becomes more fragile.
  • The impression of a tooth is preserved when the jaw is protected by implants.


Hybrid dentures do not cause pain or irritation since they are anchored to implants rather than the gum tissue. They also do not create swelling or inflammation. The implants prevent the dentures from moving around and causing the gums to itch.


Cleaning is made simpler because the implants are made of porcelain or ceramic, just like natural teeth. You won’t need to alter your usual cleaning habits despite the necessity of visiting the dentist regularly.


Implant Retained Dentures


Virtue Dental also provides implant-retained dentures because not everyone is a good candidate for implant-supported dentures. These dentures are more similar to conventional dentures and require fewer implants. In implant retained dentures, the removable prosthetic denture is fastened to the implants using the implants.


Patients with weaker jawbones are commonly advised to get them so that the implants can be placed where the bone is still strong. They are easy to remove and don’t need any surgery or bone transplants.


The Advantages


  • Since they are attached with microscopic implants, implant retained dentures require minimal intervention.
  • Even with only four implants, they can support more force than a typical denture.

Other benefits include:


Cost-effectiveness of the treatment – When there are fewer implants, costs are reduced.

It is more affordable because it does not require bone grafts or other pricy procedures.


Simpler modification – Because the denture can be taken out or changed, it may be adjusted for a better fit and to take into account any wear and tear.


Simple to fit over weaker jawbones – Because the dentures rest on the gums rather than the jaw, healthy bone structure is not necessary. In areas where the jaw has not degenerated, the implants can be placed without additional support.


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