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Dental bridges are an affordable and durable solution for tooth replacement. If you have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth rot, or an accident, a dental bridge from  Dr. Allie Jones at Virtue Dental can be the ideal answer for you.


How Does a Dental Bridge Work? What Is It?


A dental bridge replaces a lost tooth with two crowns and an artificial tooth. The teeth next to the missing tooth are given crowns, and a prosthetic tooth “bridges” the space to replace the missing tooth.


A dental bridge facilitates speaking and general chewing while limiting the movement of your remaining teeth, which may occur if you ignore your missing teeth.


Dental bridges: How are they placed?


The method for developing and inserting a dental bridge is not complicated. It is non-invasive and typically takes a few appointments spaced out over a few weeks to finish. Preparation will begin with the two “abutment” teeth on either side of your missing tooth. These teeth have their enamel removed to provide a firm platform for the crowns.


Your teeth will then be captured in digital images and impressions by the dentist. This information is forwarded to a third-party lab, which will build the dental bridge. The bridge is crafted to perfectly fit your mouth and resemble your natural teeth in both shape and appearance. In order to protect your teeth while the permanent bridge is being constructed, Dr. Jones will place a temporary bridge.


At your subsequent appointment, the dental bridge will be inspected for fit and quality, and it might be gently altered for your comfort. If it fits perfectly, the dentist will use a long-lasting dental adhesive to secure it.


The benefits of Dental Bridges


Dental bridges provide a number of advantages that can make them a good choice for you.


  • Non-invasive – Placing a dental bridge in place is a painless surgery. It’s an excellent option for people who cannot have surgery.


  • A dental bridge is a low-cost option that is typically covered by dental insurance. It is also cost-effective.


  • Short treatment time – Depending on how quickly the bridge can be built, dental bridges can be installed in as little as 2-3 weeks.


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For a dental bridge in Big Bend, get in touch with Virtue Dental right away. Dr. Allie Jones is accomplished i restorative dentistry and can place your dental bridge without delay. After examining you and consulting with you, the specialists will determine whether a dental bridge is necessary for you or if a partial denture or dental implant would be a better choice.


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